Back in the day day, people were often monikered with, “THE GREAT.” History books are donned with their names, we are all aware of Alexander “THE GREAT,” Catherine “THE GREAT,” and Charles “THE GREAT.” In this day in age, it seems we all talk a lot about being GREAT, but not many are taking GREAT by the horns and being [insert name here] “THE GREAT.”


Being “THE GREAT,” starts with you being willing and able to get your message out to the world, and it continues to push you out of your comfort zone. Let this be the last time you talk about being GREAT and let’s take action in being “THE GREAT.” 


Claim your digital real estate by starting your very own website. I got the goods to be “THE GREAT,” and to bring, “THE GREAT,” out of you. Please click these pretty buttons below, or scroll through the site.


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My Services

Website Design

Web Design is the process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of your thoughts and ideas into an electronic file that when read by a browser (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer) the file shows up in a visual way. This collection of files helps to determine your website’s layout, color, text styles, graphics, images, as well as use of any interactive features you may want your visitors to use. Communicating your brand to your visitors in a way for them that is easy to figure out is encompassed in the User Experience (UX), and the design plays the most important role for your visitors. 

Website Design

Every empire needs a team. A team of people that allow you to continue working and building what you do best, while the team works feverishly in the background to support the overall goal. Point and click web creation may work temporarily, but a Web Designer can keep your website valid and relevant forever. 

Branding & Logo

Branding and Logo go hand in hand with Website Design. You are your brand. So it goes without saying everywhere you go (especially online to represent yourself) your brand should also go. By placing your brand everywhere and driving traffic back to your site, you increase brand awareness and ensure visitors will return back to your website. 

Content Strategy

So now you have a website. What are you going to fill your space with? Does it actually matter what you put on your website? A resounding Hell Yes! Content is KING! Content is all the stuff you put on your website. This could mean blog posts you wrote, images of pictures you took with a camera or created on Adobe, Videos of yourself teaching a course, Audio of you singing an original song. This is how you differentiate yourself from the competition and draw traffic to your site. We always suggest basing your content strategy on DATA, as well as what you want to rank for with SEO. For this reason, we provide a report each month based on your traffic patterns so we can show the data behind our strategy.

Choose a Premade Template

Why remake the wheel? A template is a pre-made design that will organize your content. There are many fabulous templates already made, which can be downloaded and utilized to add a stylized feel to your website. 

Built From Scratch

Can’t find the exact design you’re looking for? GREAT! We can help with that too! We want to hear from you on what it is you exactly want, and… we will make it happen. Need something proprietary? Only for your members? A downloadable link? We got you covered!

Maintenance & Updates

Things on your website change all the time. The software you have downloaded upgraded and you have to download the update. Your website performance seems sluggish and  Maybe it’s just that time of the schedule that you need to back your site up for insurance to retain any assets you have. The 3M service (Monthly Maintenance Membership) is a scheduled updating service to keep your website on the up and up.  

Website Development

Development, or Website Development, as it is often referred to, is the epitome of website customization. It is routine maintenance and optimization. It is adjusting or building a template to stylize your website. It is downloading additional extensions to increase functionality for your users. For lack of a better way to explain it, it is bringing your ideas to life. 

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About Me

Wassup! I’m Naomi. I’ve Been Building Websites for 5 Years

I also believe that aliens exist… but enough about that. Not only have I been building websites, but I also have experience with social media campaigns, content marketing including blogs and newsletters, as well as monitoring Google Analytics and gearing your content to increase your SEO. 

Being “The Great,” I pride myself on being good at many things and being a continual student of everything I undertake. I welcome coffee-flavored meetings and can pencil anyone in need of some assistance. 

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO & Social


  • Website Design/ Development
  • Website Optimization
  • Installation of plugin’s and apps
  • Content/ Social Media Strategy
  • Branding/ Promotions


  • Associates Degree: Business Administration
  • Degree of Survival: School of Hard Knocks
  • Self Taught via various resources: Graphic Design, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, Business Strategy, etc. 


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Corel Draw
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Tenacity
  • Learn and work on the fly
  • WordPress
  • cPanel
  • Google Analytics
  • What should I learn next? 

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